Monterosa Prestige is an example of an extreme race given its routes and the presence of unique GIANTS who, after having had an oncological experience, wanted to challenge their body.


On Saturday 26 March the Asd Prestige, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ayas, proposes an informative meeting with the oncologists of the Rizzoli Institute of Bologna and with the representatives of the Campanacci Association.

The intervention of Ersilio Ambrosini, an athlete who has faced a path of over 50 km in Val d'Ayas pedaling with one leg, will be important. Ersilio will challenge young athletes to experiment with his training plan.


The Rizzoli Institute is a highly specialized orthopedic research institute in the field of orthopedics and traumatology. It has become a point of reference in the field of musculoskeletal tumors and is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a scientific hospitalization and treatment institution.

The Mario Campanacci Association was established in 2010 by the staff who work within the Rizzoli Institute and are dedicated to the care of patients with sarcomas of the skeletal muscle system.


This evening aims to be a way to create a common thread with the regions, thus guaranteeing competent and immediate support to patients and doctors.

We hope for this important participation by the representatives of the sports associations operating in the Aosta Valley.


We are waiting for you on Saturday 26 March at 9 pm at the Monterosa Spa Auditorium in Champoluc.

If you want to attend the evening it is mandatory to book your seat at the following link: https://pmpro.it/visitvaldayas/


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