Sportograf becomes partner of Monterosa Prestige

To describe who they are we refer to how they present themselves: "there is no other word that could describe us better: SPOROTGRAF means PHOTOGRAPHER & SPORTSMAN, but also SPORTSMAN & PHOTOGRAPHER.!".


As competition athletes in different disciplines, they have a natural affinity with sport. Respect the performance of every athlete and honor this with images of professional quality.


For the staff of SPORTOGRAF, taking pictures does not just mean pressing the shutter! Thanks to their experience in sports, they know how to find the best positions to take the best pictures.


Yes, will be a team of professionals from SPORTOGRAF to take pictures of the runners of the next Monterosa Prestige on July the 21st 2019.


They will wake up very early that morning to climb along the paths of Val d'Ayas and find the most beautiful views from which they can take shots to the racers!


If you do not know them, have a look at their site to realize the quality of the work they do.

This is Monterosa Prestige, the ultra mountainbike marathon of the glaciers of Monte Rosa!


#staytuned, july 21st 2019 is coming!

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Monterosa Prestige Mountain Bike Marathon - Aosta Valley

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica VDA PRESTIGE

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